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The ONLY Mobile App that shows you EVERYTHING going on.

Music. Sports. Movies. Shows. Local Events. Theater. Attractions. Tours. (and so on...)

And it's all in ONE APP. That's LIGHTBOY.


We were tired of missing out on great events.
We were tired of not knowing what to do.
We wasted so much time looking for something to do.

So we fixed it.

LIGHTBOY finds EVERYTHING going on and puts it all together for you so you never miss the next big thing.


LIGHTBOY scours, searches, crawls (and in some cases, begs) dozens of event, attraction, ticketing and community web sites to compile an incomparable showcase of EVERYTHING there is to do.

To date, we currently gather event info from over 27 different sites and providers.

LIGHTBOY CITIES. Anaheim Atlanta Baltimore Boston Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Denver Detroit Houston Indianapolis Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Nashville New Orleans New York City Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Sacramento Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Jose Seattle St Louis Washington DC Don't see your city? Don't worry. We will be adding many more soon. Join Our Fan List to be notified when we add your city.
A lot. Seriously. We gather a ton of events from major event and ticket companies all the way down to smaller, regional sites. We then work some backend magic and compile them all into one easy to use app. And we're adding more events all the time. Have a suggestion for somewhere we should be looking? Tell Us! Ah, the most common question we get. There are 2 reasons.

First, the majority of our users rarely plan anything outside a week out. Second, with the amount of events we have to search, store, analyze and display, it would get messy (for you and us). So we keep it simple.

Sure can! We have a dedicated area for users to add an event within the app. This is only available to VIP Badge holders (learn more) so that we know the events posted are legit and accurate. There is no cost or limit to posting events once you've got a VIP Badge. That's something we wrestled with for a long time, but decided (for now) to focus all of our awesomeness on purely gathering all of the events we can find and putting them together easily for you to find. Plus, we find reviews to be... what's the word? Iffy...
We sure can, but only if you're holding a VIP Badge (learn more). This cool feature available to VIP Badge holders allows you to tell us what cities, types of events and even specific venues you are interested in and we'll shoot them to you any day of the week that you want so you don't have to check us every week to see what's going on. Cool, right? Sponsored events are events that specific partners pay us a tiny amount to make sure that as many LightBoy users as possible know about them. We did our best to make sure they're not all up in your grill though. The most you'll ever see is 5.
We hope we have all of them. But, if you want a specific number, you can see that number above the top left of the very first event listed. And here is something cool about that number... we check every day to make sure that number is enough to give you a pretty comprehensive selection. And if it isn't? Well, we send wizards and shape-shifters in to see what is amiss... The VIP Badge is dope. It's cheap ($2.99 a month or $29.99 a year) and you get event notifications sent straight to you any day of the week that you want, access to post local events about you or things going on and a reward system (learn more) for recommending LightBoy to a friend.
Because so many people are already doing such a good job of selling them! You know what nobody does like us though? Makes event searching awesome. We're great at that (toot toot!), so we'll let our event partners take care of the leg work. Sure can. Simply connect your account to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, favorite (heart icon) all of the events you like and under Settings > Favorites, press the "Share On..." button and select where you would like to post the list. Easy cheesy.
Titles seem awfully boring now, don't they? Instead, how about we tell you what it is about us and who we REALLY are that made us want to make LightBoy.

We are a musician, artist, DJ, designer, party goer, parent, entrepeneur, fun lover, code master, Jedi, diver, sports fanatic, golfer, Heat fan and a volunteer.

Add all of those people together and you get one mean Transformer named Eventius Maximus Appius. He's really great.